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Sample Marketing Plan


I find traditional marketing plans to be a bit “fluffy”. You just want to know what to do next.

How do I actually build a website? What should I include in it?

How can I set up an email marketing program? How will I actually get subscribers?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? My Marketing Plans are very tactical. Giving you the step by step instructions to show you how to market your brand yourself.

In 110 pages, my marketing plans will teach you:

    • Branding: What branding elements you need to put your business in a position to win customers
    • Website: How to build a website, what elements need to be included and the best practice elements to help drive conversions
    • Acquisition: A variety of strategies to help you get new customers including SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising and a variety of tactics specific to your industry
    • Retention: A variety of strategies that can help increase repeat purchases from current customers including Email Marketing.

Make your business stand out with a detailed plan and strategy.

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We are writing additional Marketing Plans on a constant basis. To request a Marketing Plan tailored for your industry, send us a quick email and you could have it within 10 working days! No extra charge!