We don't just write Marketing Plans.

We transform businesses.

Welcome to Marketing Plans Online, I’m Melanie Gray, the creator and strategist behind Marketing Plans Online.  I am from Melbourne, Australia. Before building my own business, I worked for a Marketing Agency specialising in Small Businesses. I graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). But enough about me, what you really want to know is “What is Marketing Plans Online?”


How it all began.


The idea came to me in the shower (as all good ideas do) that there should be a way to purchase a Marketing Plan off the Internet like any other product.
The traditional way of getting a Marketing Plan is to engage a Marketing Agency to write one for you. The process would usually take 3 weeks and you would be charged between $4,000-$7,000.
That’s crazy right?
I thought so anyway.


I realised there was a way to help more than one business per week.
There was a better way to help businesses all around the world, with a click of the button.


We can buy everything under the sun online, from a 50ft yacht to disposable razors… why should Marketing Plans be any different?


So, I sat down at my desk to write a bunch of pre-made Marketing Plans.


The result? Now I can deliver fully comprehensive Marketing Plans to small businesses with the click of a button, even if it is 3am!
The strategies in my Marketing Plans I have learnt from personal experience and have actually used most of them when Marketing this business. So I can confidently say that these strategies actually work. Best of all, I am used to working with Small Businesses and as a small business owner myself (see www.breadandbuttermarketing.com.au), I understand the importance of marketing on a budget. Therefore all the strategies in my plans have a low-cost focus. I certainly am not running thousand dollar advertising campaigns and I do not expect you to either.
So if a low-cost Marketing Plan sounds like what you need, head over to our shop page to purchase. If you can’t see your industry there, we also have an option for tailor made marketing plans. Start getting your business off the ground today!

Ready to get a Marketing Plan for your business?