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How I made my first sale through Reddit

While I am not new to marketing, I am new to having my own business. This means I am starting all my own marketing campaigns from scratch. 0 followers. 0 subscribers. 0 sales. I have decided to record and share all my first big milestones so I can show you what it’s like to start from nothing. And what is a better milestone than making my first sale? I have recorded the entire process from start to finish to demonstrate exactly how it is possible to make a sale through Reddit.

But first of all, what is Reddit?

Many of you Internet savvy readers will know all about Reddit. But when I first told my friends about my first sale, many of them asked what Reddit is. Well Reddit’s own tagline is “the front page of the internet”, which is actually a very accurate description! To put it simply, Reddit is an Internet forum where users go to discuss a variety of topics and share content (it’s well known for funny cat videos). In fact I would dare to say that most photos, videos and memes that go viral originated from Reddit – and if not, won’t take long to appear there.

Over time, Reddit has broken out into topic related threads called subreddits. There is a subreddit for practically any topic you can think of (and those that you wouldn’t dream of in a million years!). Some popular subreddits include:

  • Funny
  • Aww
  • ShowerThoughts
  • AskReddit
  • LifeProTips
  • WorldNews
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing
  • EarthPorn
  • TodayILearned.

As you can see, subreddits can be as broad or as specific as possible!

So not long ago I came across Ryan Leudecke’s post “How to make your first $1,000 with Reddit Ads” and it got me thinking about Reddit Advertising. I have created and managed many pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in the past (such as Google AdWords and Facebook) however I had never delved into the realm of Reddit.

By it’s very nature, Reddit isn’t traditionally thought of as a business platform – which is unsurprising considering the majority of posts on there look something like this:

Game of thrones meme

While it may seem quite inappropriate, Reddit is actually a goldmine for business advertising because it hasn’t picked up popularity like Google or Facebook and therefore is significantly cheaper. Even if you’re advertising a B2B business like me, the reality is that even business owners need somewhere on the internet to go and goof off.

So I decided to give it a go. I created a campaign with a budget of $20 and made my first sale within an hour of it going live. Here’s what it looked like:

Promoted posts appear at the top of the homepage or the subreddit you are targeting. I decided to target users in Australia who visited the homepage, so as you can imagine, it was quite a large audience!

Post type
It is possible to promote an ad on Reddit either as text or as a link. I opted in to advertise using text. This means that when someone clicks on the headline, users are directed to a comment box that explains more about the promotion. This way, users are not redirected away from the Reddit website. However it is also possible to have the headline link straight to your website, which is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Here is an example of how my ad appeared once clicked.


*Note: This is actually a screenshot from my second Reddit campaign

Reddit will then direct you to a page which allows you to edit your promotion. This is where you can select your targeting preferences, budget and schedule. Reddit works on a cost-per-impression (CPM) method in which you are charged per 1,000 impressions your ad gets. You can actually select how much you are willing to pay for each 1,000 impressions. As this was my first campaign, I wasn’t sure what an appropriate amount would be and thus I wrote $2.00. Little did I realise that this was extremely high for Reddit. In subsequent campaigns I have run since my first, I have achieved an average CPM of $0.41. So for future reference, you should aim for a CPM of between $0.20 and $0.60 on Reddit.

So it might not have been perfect, but first campaigns rarely are. Starting off with small $20 campaigns like these are a great way to test settings and results on a small scale before creating large scale campaigns.

If you are thinking about creating an ad on Reddit, here is what you need to get started:
1. Reddit account
2. Ad copy
3. Click-through URL
4. 70×70 Thumbnail
5. Reddit’s step by step guide to create an ad.

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